中煤科工重庆设计研究院(集团)有限公司,重庆 400042

建设信息建模模式; 出图标准; Revit软件; 出图流程

Research on outputting 2D blueprint under BIM model
ZHANG Yuan-yan,ZHAO Xin-ying,CHEN Huan

Chongqing engineering(group)co.,ltd.,China coal technology engineering group,Chongqing 400042,China

BIM model; drawing standard; revit software; drawing process



In the application process of BIM technology,how to output complete construction blueprint based on the 3D model and comply with the two-dimensional drawing specifications is an urgent problem to be solved.Based on the current situation of the drawing of each specialty under the BIM mode,starting with drawing standards and project templates,a BIM drawing standard system with 3D models as the core is established,and using the most widely used Revit software in the construction industry as a platform,the study is based on the 3D model drawing process of Revit software,in order to provide some references and suggestions for the BIM drawing application of construction engineering related enterprises.