吉林建筑大学 经济与管理学院,长春 130118


Research on the profit distribution model based on modified Shapley value method in BIM+IPD mode
LI Mingzhu,CHEN Yanan

LI Mingzhu,CHEN YananSchool of economy and management,Jilin Jianzhu university,Changchun 130118,China

BIM; IPD; profit distribution; modified Shapley value


为提高建筑业生产效率,实现项目利益最大化,IPD工程交付模式应运而生.BIM是IPD最强建的支撑工具.不成熟的利益分配机制却阻碍了 BIM+IPD 模式的推广,如何有效地解决联盟合作伙伴共享收益的分配问题是BIM+IPD广泛推广的关键.本研究从Shapley值法出发,综合考虑影响收益分配的3个因子即资源投入、贡献程度和风险分担,建立了修正Shapley值法的收益分配模型.最后通过算例分析,验证本方法的科学合理性.研究表明,采用修正Shapley值法的收益分配方案,满足各利益相关者公平合理的要求,具有较强的现实意义和可操作性.本文为BIM+IPD模式下的收益分配研究提供了参考依据.

In order to improve the efficiency of the construction industry and realize the maximization of project benefits,the project delivery mode was born.BIM is the most powerful support tool for IPD.Immature benefit distribution mechanism has hindered the implementation of BIM+IPD mode,how to effectively solve the problem of alliance partners to share the benefits distribution is the key to BIM+IPD mode.This research embarks from the Shapley value method,considering the three factors that affect income distribution:resources,the degree of contribution and risk,than the distribution model of modified Shapley value is established.Finally,the scientific rationality of this method is validated by an example.Results show that the modified Shapley value method of income allocation meet the requirements of fair and reasonable of stakeholder,with strong practical significance and maneuverability.The paper provides a theoretical basis for the research of income distribution in BIM+IPD mode.